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Tactical Savage Apparel

Shaker bottle

Shaker bottle

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20oz Tactical Savage shaker bottle with screen printing is a great addition to your fitness gear. This shaker bottle typically features:

  • 20oz capacity: Ideal for mixing and carrying your favorite protein shakes or workout supplements.
  • Screen Printing: It comes with the Tactical Savage branding or design screen-printed on the bottle.
  • Secure Lid: Most shaker bottles have a secure, leak-proof lid to prevent spills during mixing or transportation.
  • Mixing Ball: help blend your shakes or supplements smoothly.
  • Durable Material: made from durable, BPA-free plastic materials that can withstand heavy use and are easy to clean.

This shaker bottle is a convenient accessory for your fitness routine, allowing you to prepare and enjoy your protein shakes or supplements with ease. The Tactical Savage branding adds a touch of style to your gym essentials.

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